What Evidence Should You Get for Your Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

Employees have rights, one of which is not to be terminated for an illegal reason. If you believe that your employer retaliated or discriminated against you, then you might have a case. You might also have a lawsuit if your employer did not have cause to fire you as required by your employment contract.

But what evidence do you need to bolster your claim? In this article, we will identify what pieces of evidence you should obtain before meeting with a New Jersey wrongful termination attorney for an initial consultation.

Obtain Copies of Your Employee Handbook or Manual

Sometimes, employers create binding legal obligations in these documents, even if they are unaware that they are doing so. You should keep copies of all handbooks and manuals to show to your attorney. For example, a manual might lay out a progressive disciplinary system which your employer did not follow when terminating you. If not, then you could have a wrongful termination claim.

Make a Note of Who Else was Laid Off

If you think your employer has discriminated against you, then it is helpful to identify who else was laid off at the same time as you. If only women are laid off, then that looks suspicious. Similarly, if only older employees are laid off, then your employer might have practiced age discrimination.

Write down a list of employees that you know who were laid off. It’s okay if you don’t know everybody. Many employers keep this information carefully under wraps precisely because it might reveal discriminatory bias.

Find Copies of Your Work Evaluations

Most employees are evaluated annually. You should find copies of these evaluations, which can prove helpful if you think an employer is retaliating against you for exercising a right.

For example, you might have testified in a sexual harassment case against your employer. After testifying, you are quickly fired from your job. If your evaluations to that point have been stellar, then it looks like your boss was motivated by something other than your job performance.

Keep Copies of Harassing or Discriminatory Communications

An employer might blurt out that you aren’t management material because you are a woman, or other discriminatory statements could be contained in notes, emails, or phone messages. Preserve these as best as you can.

If you had to leave your job because it was oppressive and harassing, you should document the conduct as well. Write down days, times, and locations, as well as the identification of witnesses to the harassing conduct. Witnesses can testify later about what they saw.

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