NJ Law Journal Quotes Ravi Sattiraju on Morgan v. Raymours Furniture Company Inc.

Ravi Sattiraju, Esq. was recently quoted in the NJ Law Journal discussing the Appellate Division’s decision in Morgan v. Raymours Furniture Company Inc. in which the Court held that a clause in an employee handbook requiring arbitration of job disputes is unenforceable where the handbook also contains a disclaimer stating that it is not a binding employment contract. Mr. Sattiraju stated, ““If an employer wants to get consent for arbitration, it has to be done in a clear way. What the court is saying is the employer can’t simultaneously argue that the handbook is not a contract but it is an enforceable agreement for the purpose of compelling arbitration.”

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Read more: http://www.njlawjournal.com/id=1202747240492/Ruling-May-Force-Employers-to-Rethink-Their-Arbitration-Clauses#ixzz3xuSwj7Le