The Top Five Signs Discrimination is Happening in your Office

No workplace is immune to discrimination. Neither is any race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. When discrimination happens in the workplace, everybody suffers. The victim or group of victims suffer from curtailed productivity and ultimately, personal economic losses while others often find themselves having to decide whether to potentially face repercussions for supporting the victim or ignoring the problem, contributing to the victim’s suffering by refusing to help.

In the United States, workplace discrimination is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In New Jersey, this law is further supported by the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.

Signs of Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination is not always obvious, especially if you are not the victim. Stay alert at work to determine if any of your colleagues are suffering from discrimination. If they are, be a friend and support them in their claim. Keep your eyes and ears open for the following signs that discrimination is happening in your workplace.

The Management Team is Homogenous

Take note of who gets promoted beyond a certain point. Do they all have anything in common, such as their race, sex, religion, or ethnicity? Although a homogenous group of managers does not necessarily mean discrimination is happening, it can indicate bias on upper management’s part.

There is a High Turnover Rate

Does it seem like few, if any, employees stick around longer than a year or two? This can be indicative of unfair labor practices such as discrimination.

There is a Significant Disparity in Discipline

Everybody makes mistakes at work, some of which are more egregious than others. Pay attention to how these mistakes are handled by management. Do certain employees tend to be disciplined more harshly than others for the same problems? This can be a form of discrimination.

There is a Sense of Unease Among Certain Individuals

Harassment can be a particularly destructive form of workplace discrimination. When certain individuals or groups face slurs, derogatory comments, and uncomfortable social interactions at work on a daily basis, they are facing discrimination. Pay attention to how these individuals are treated.

You are Asked Illegal Questions in your Interview

Sometimes, you can face workplace discrimination before you are even hired. There are certain things that prospective employers may not ask interviewees, such as their religious beliefs, whether they have or plan to have children, their ethnic backgrounds, and whether they were born in the United States. If you are asked an illegal interview question, politely decline to answer and move forward with the interview.

New Jersey Employment Discrimination Attorneys

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