Danger on New Jersey Turnpike

Truck drivers face many challenges, and perhaps none is more challenging than the New Jersey Turnpike. Long regarded as one of the most dangerous highways in the country, the New Jersey Turnpike has been the scene of some horrific commercial truck accidents.

Congested Lanes

Stretching 148 miles, the turnpike cuts across the densely-populated middle of the state. For this reason, it is a popular freeway for getting to other parts of New Jersey or out of the state altogether.

To handle the traffic, the turnpike stretches to up to 14 lanes in some places, feeding into other highways like I-95, I-2276, and Route 700, among others. Based on one study reported in NJ.com, over 5.5 billion miles are driven on the turnpike in any year—and the number only seems to be rising.

Because of all this traffic, it is no surprise that truck drivers get into many accidents on the Turnpike. Commercial trucks need more room to move and have large blind spots. The New Jersey Turnpike has been the scene of some famous crashes, including the truck accident that injured comedian Tracy Morgan.

With traffic congestion unlikely to decrease any time soon in New Jersey, truckers need to be on top of their game whenever they are on the Turnpike. Any mistake could lead to a fatal crash.

Overworked Drivers

Trucking is also a dangerous occupation because many trucking companies work their employees very hard. Unfortunately, not every truck driver is being compensated for their overtime, as is required by law.

To squeeze more work out of drivers while saving pennies, many trucking companies also classify workers as independent contractors. Being classified this way is great for the company, which is relieved from having to pay certain federal taxes. However, truck drivers who work as independent contractors have fewer rights, especially when laid off in a down economy.

What You Can Do?

To improve conditions for everyone, motorists should be especially careful around commercial trucks. Give them much more room than you would another vehicle and always pass with extreme care. A good rule of thumb is to assume truck drivers cannot see you if you cannot see the driver. If you think a trucker is driving erratically, call the number listed on the back of the trailer.

Truckers also can improve safety on the Turnpike by standing up for their rights. If you believe you have been denied overtime pay, reach out to an attorney right away. Misclassification can also cost truckers, denying them legal protections that only increase stress. By holding trucking companies accountable, you can make the state’s roads safer for everyone.

Only One Firm to Call

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