Attorney Ravi Sattiraju Interviewed By New Jersey Law Journal

Attorney Ravi Sattiraju of Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP was interviewed by the New Jersey Law Journal in May 2021. The full interview can be accessed here:

In the interview, Ravi Sattiraju identified the biggest challenge and opportunity in employment law as getting rid of mandatory arbitration. Below is a key quote:

Arbitration is a real scourge right now to working people and consumers. As I see it, you have a basic right under the Constitution to go to court. Going to these private courts where you don’t have the right to a jury trial, you don’t have the right to an appeal, it’s a shame and I think there’s a real push to get rid of this legislatively.

The battle against arbitrary arbitration hit a setback when a New Jersey law restricting mandatory arbitration was overturned by a federal judge in March. Still, Ravi Sattiraju is hopeful that the tide is turning and that we will eventually get rid of mandatory arbitration.