How to Know When you Need a Wage Dispute Attorney

When you have a dispute about your wage or other compensation, the thought of taking action against your employer can be intimidating. You might find yourself doubting whether your wage dispute is worth pursuing or even trying to justify your losses to yourself. If you catch yourself doing either of these, stop. Your work has value, and you agreed to that dollar amount when you accepted your job offer.

When your employer deliberately keeps your wages or other compensation, which can include perks like vacation and sick time or insurance benefits, from you, you need to work with an experienced employment attorney to take legal action against your employer. Before you take this step, bring up your missing wage to your supervisor and your company’s human resources or payroll department. In most cases, unpaid wages are due to accounting errors rather than an intent to deny an employee his or her earnings.

How a New Jersey Wage Dispute Attorney can Help You

Working with an attorney who has experience handling wage disputes can be your case’s best asset. Employment attorneys understand the process of filing and pursuing employment claims and the nuances of handling the negotiation required for this process. An attorney can gauge whether a client has adequate grounds for filing his or her claim and how best to make use of the client’s evidence to prove that he or she has not been fairly compensated.

If you are settling your claim out of court, your attorney can determine whether the settlement amount you are offered is fair. If it is not, he or she can negotiate with your employer on your behalf to reach a settlement amount that meets your needs.

Sometimes, a wage dispute claim has to become a lawsuit. If this happens, your attorney can represent your interests in court to fight for a settlement that compensates you for your economic losses. If you are not awarded compensation and you feel you are truly entitled to receive money, your attorney can work with you to appeal the court’s ruling. This means that your case will have a second chance in court. Your attorney will determine whether this is the best course of action for your case and if so, continue to represent you are your case progresses through appellate court.

New Jersey Wage Dispute Attorneys

The Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP, is proud of our success with wage dispute and other employment cases. When you work, you need to get paid. If you have been denied your wage or other compensation, work with one of the experienced attorneys at our firm to get the money you earned. The Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP is one of the premier employment law firms in New York and New Jersey.